How Much Does It Cost To Knit a Sweater?

You’re ready to tackle the big one a sweater pattern, but before you dive in, you need to know how much it costs to knit a sweater. It’s a complicated answer, but we’ll get you started with a ballpark cost in a few different price ranges. Then we’ll dive into how to get the exact numbers using the yarn and pattern you choose!

How Much Yarn Do I Need for A Sweater?

Before we calculate the cost, let’s determine how much yarn you’ll need for different sweater weights:

Fingering, Sport, & DK Weight Yarn:

  • Yardage: 1500 yards
  • Meters: 1370 meters

Worsted & Aran Weight Yarn:

  • Yardage: 1200 yards
  • Meters: 1100 meters

How much does it cost to knit a sweater with DK-weight bargain yarn?

Let’s start with a budget-friendly option using DK weight yarn. Using the median yardage needed for a sweater and Lion Brand Truboo, a yarn you can find at your local Walmart or Michaels, a knit sweater would cost $48.93. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Truboo has 241 yards (220 meters) in a skein.
  • 1500 yards / 241 = 6.22, but since you can’t buy a partial skein, you’ll need to buy 7 skeins.
  • A skein of Truboo at Michaels is $6.99, so 7 × $6.99 = $48.93.

How much does it cost to knit a sweater with worsted-weight bargain yarn?

For an even more budget-friendly option, consider Red Heart Super Saver & Caron One Pound, which are known for their affordability. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper dollar-per-yard option. The cost of knitting a sweater with these yarns is $17.96:

  • Red Heart Super Saver has 364 yards (333 meters) per skein, meaning you’ll need 4 skeins to complete a 1200-yard project.
  • At $4.49 per skein, that brings your project price to $17.96.

However, keep in mind that using acrylic yarn for a sweater may not provide the best comfort and durability. Acrylic can be less breathable and prone to pilling.

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Why do I not recommend knitting a sweater in a bargain acrylic?

  • It’s going to feel like wearing a trash bag. Acrylic = plastic, so making a sweater out of heavy acrylic can make you sweat a lot.
  • It’s going to wear out fast. You don’t want your sweater to pill and deteriorate after just a few wears. Acrylic may not hold up well in the long run for sweaters.

There are better acrylic options for blankets, accessories, and items you plan to donate. Some acrylics are soft and anti-pilling so that they can handle the wear and tear of a sweater better.

How much does it cost to knit a sweater with DK-weight mid-range yarn?

For a higher-quality but still reasonably priced option, consider Knit Picks for mid-range yarn. Knitting a sweater in Knit Picks Swish DK, a soft Merino wool, would cost you $90.87:

  • Swish DK has 123 yards per $6.99 skein, so you’d need 13 skeins.

Knit Picks offers a wide range of yarns, from affordable acrylics to luxurious options. Depending on your preference for softness and durability, they have something for everyone.

How much does it cost to knit a sweater with worsted-weight mid-range yarn?

Blue Sky Fibers is a company that falls somewhere between mid-range and luxury. Their Woolstok Worsted yarn, known for its rich colors, would cost you $85:

  • Woolstok Worsted has 123 yards per 50 g skein, and you’ll need 10 skeins to complete the median sweater.

Remember that Woolstok Worsted is woolen spun, which means it’s exceptionally warm but may not feel as soft at first touch. However, it tends to soften after washing and wearing.

A Note On “Luxury” Yarn

Luxury yarn comes in various degrees and price points, depending on factors like fiber quality, dyeing process, and spinning techniques. Prices can range from $32-$35 per skein for most luxury yarns.

How much does it cost to knit a sweater with DK-weight luxury yarn?

For those looking for an indulgent knitting experience, consider Magpie Fibers Swanky DK, which combines merino, cashmere, and nylon. This artisanally dyed MCN sweater would cost you $204:

  • Swanky DK costs $34 per 250-yard skein, so you’d need 6 skeins for a total of $204.

How much does it cost to knit a sweater with worsted-weight luxury yarn?

Spincycle Yarns offers unique and brilliant colorways that mimic handspun yarns. A sweater made entirely of their Dream State yarn will cost you $288:

  • Dream State costs $36 per 150-yard skein, and you’d need 8 skeins to hit 1200 yards exactly.

To Review the Ballpark Cost to Knit A Sweater

DK Weight Sweater

  • Bargain Yarn: $48.93
  • Mid-range Yarn: $90.87
  • Luxury Yarn: $20

Worsted Weight Sweater

  • Bargain Yarn: $17.96
  • Mid-range Yarn: $85
  • Luxury Yarn: $288


While crafting your sweater can be a rewarding and cost-efficient pursuit, it necessitates commitment and patience. Making informed decisions, such as bulk material procurement and labor outsourcing, can further mitigate expenses. Furthermore, investing in superior equipment and emphasizing safety protocols are pivotal steps toward minimizing production costs. Ultimately, whether you choose to knit your sweater or purchase one, the joy of wearing a handmade or carefully selected garment is worth the investment.

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