How To Do a Slip Knot in Crochet?

A slip knot is the foremost fundamental of all crochet knots and is ordinarily utilized to start a modern project. It’s moreover convenient for creating circles or joining two pieces of yarn together.

In this beginner-level instructional exercise, I will show you how to do a slip knot in crochet but moreover how to tie a slip knot on your finger.

Typically I aim to be the center of this article. But when putting together this piece I thought that it would be advantageous to touch on 2 other straightforward subjects to some degree related. I will show you how to stitch a slip fasten and how to tie a crochet end knot.

Flexible Method To Do a Slip Knot in Crochet

Whether you’re a prepared crocheter or fair beginning your inventive journey, understanding different slip knot methods is essential. Let’s explore the flexible method to make a slip knot in crochet:

The Classic Slip Knot Method

The classic slip-hitch strategy is like an ancient companion within the world of sewing. It’s the foundation upon which endless excellent creations have been built. This method’s time-tested nature implies it’s continuously a tried and true choice, and it’s frequently the primary step in presenting apprentices to the create. Let’s explore the classic slip-knot method:

Step 1: Hold the yarn tail (the free end) in your cleared-out hand and the working yarn (the yarn associated with the skein) in your right hand. Leave a liberal length of the tail, almost 6-8 inches, for weaving in afterward. This longer tail will make it simpler to secure the slip tie.

Step 2: Make a circle with the working yarn by bringing it behind the yarn tail, shaping an “X” shape. Guarantee that the working yarn crosses over the tail perfectly and that both strands are parallel.

Step 3: Hold the crossover point of the “X” between your thumb and the list finger of your right hand. Apply gentle weight to preserve control of the yarn.

Step 4: Along with your cleared-out hand, reach through the circle from front to back and snatch the yarn tail along with your list and center fingers. Guarantee that you have a firm grip on the tail to avoid it from slipping out.

Step 5: Carefully drag the yarn tail through the circle you made, which is able to form a little circle on your right-hand record finger.

Step 6: Delicately drag both the working yarn and the yarn tail to fix the slip knot around your hook. Alter the pressure to create it cozy but not excessively tight, permitting you to move it effectively along your sew snare as you work.

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How do you tie a slip knot on your finger?

The following steps will help you to tie a slip knot on your finger:

  • To create a slip knot along with your finger, point the primary fingers like a weapon and hold the end on the yarn from the bottom two fingers.
  • After holding the yarn within the bottom two fingers, take the working end and make an X on your fingers.
  • On the front side, you’ll get an X but on the back of your fingers, you’ll get two parallel lines.
  • Embed your list finger and thumb through the primary circle and get the moment circle.
  • Drag the circle and evacuate your fingers.
  • Presently get both the closes and drag them together.

How do you crochet a slip stitch for beginners?

The following steps will help for beginners to do crochet a slip stitch:

  • When at the end of an extend, embed the snare within the exceptionally, to begin with, fasten.
  • And draw up a circle.
  • Presently you’ll have two circles in your crochet hook. Drag the second circle from the primary circle.
  • When making a row of slip fastens, insert the hook within the exceptionally, to begin with the chain from the hook.
  • Keep in mind you don’t need to make a chain to start a slip-fasten push.
  • Draw up a circle and drag it through the primary circle. The method remains the same for the complete push.

Tips to Do a Slip Knot in Crochet

Top tips used to do a slip knot in crochet:

  • Use the Right Yarn Tail Length
  • Practice Consistency
  • Gentle Tension
  • Stay Relaxed
  • Practice Different Methods
  • Use a Crochet Hook
  • Check for Twist
  • Practice on Scrap Yarn
  • Adjust as Needed
  • Master the Basic Knot
  • Weave in Loose Ends


The slip knot in crochet is the humble however imperative initiation of each yarn-based perfect work of art. It’s an expertise that rises above involvement levels, inviting both fledglings and prepared artisans into the charming world of crochet.

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