Knitting Vs Woven: You Need To Read This First

When it comes to finding the right materials for your projects, you may be considering the differences in knitting vs woven fabrics. Both have their own pros and cons, so which one is better suited for what you need? Let’s break down the differences between knitting and woven fabrics to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Knitting Fabrics

Knitting fabrics are created by interlocking loops of threads or yarns to form a fabric. There are two major types of knitting fabric. Weft-knitting and warp-knitting. Weft-knitted fabrics are made by looping the yarn in a horizontal direction across the width of the fabric. Warp-knitted fabrics, on the other hand, are made by looping yarns in a vertical direction along the length of the fabric.

Examples of weft-knitted fabrics include jersey knit and rib knit, while examples of warp-knitted fabrics include tricot knit and raschel knit.

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Types of Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics are produced by interlacing two sets of threads at right angles to each other. The warp thread runs along the length of the fabric while the weft thread runs across its width. Woven fabrics can be plain weave over one, under one, twill weave over two, under two, satin weave over four, under one, or jacquard weave with patterns.

Examples of woven fabrics include broadcloth, chambray, seersucker, muslin, canvas, Oxford cloth, ticking stripe, gabardine twill, and damask.

Which is Best for Your Project?

When it comes to deciding which type of fabric is best for your project, there are a few factors to consider. First off, knits tend to be more flexible than wovens because they easily stretch in all directions. This makes them great for garments that require flexibility and movement like t-shirts and leggings. Wovens tend to be thicker and stronger than knits.

This makes them great for projects that require stability like upholstery fabric or curtains. It also depends on your specific project needs. If you need something that’s lightweight but strong enough to hold an intricate pattern then a jacquard weave may be your best bet.


Whether you choose knitting or weaving as your material strategy depends largely on your project needs. Knit fabrics offer comfort due to their elasticity and flexibility whereas wovens offer strength due to their thicker construction making them great for upholstery projects or items needing stability like curtains or window treatments. Consider all aspects before deciding which type will provide you with what you need most from your project.

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