How to Crochet a Blanket With Thick Yarn

Are you looking to know about how to crochet a blanket with thick yarn? In the realm of crafting, there’s a hidden gem that can transform your creations into works of art thick and thin yarn. This unique yarn type offers a textural richness that surpasses traditional counterparts, resulting in beautifully textured throw blankets that can rival those sold in stores for exorbitant prices.

The Instagram Encounter: A Crafting Connection

Around eight weeks ago, while casually scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon Reichel Broussard, a savvy blogger known for her urban and chic aesthetic. Reichel, the creative mind behind Copy Cat Chic, shared a common love for textured textiles. After a few exchanged emails, we hatched a plan to recreate a stunning throw she admired but deemed too expensive, priced at a staggering $1,000.

The Challenge: Mimicking Luxury with Thick and Thin Yarn

The challenge lay in mimicking a woven look using very thin to very thick yarn, a technique often associated with weaving. Not being a weaver myself, I embarked on a mission to find the perfect thick and thin yarn to replicate the desired aesthetic. My journey led me to Etsy, where I discovered Hookaholic Handspun, a seller offering a gorgeous yarn that transitions seamlessly from thin to thick.

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Understanding the Art of Consistent Inconsistency

In the world of thick and thin yarn, the charm lies in its consistent inconsistency. While I initially viewed the trendy thick-and-thin look as a mark of a novice, I learned that reputable Etsy sellers maintain a balance. The thicker sections are equally fluffy, and the thinner parts maintain a similar consistency, resulting in a visually appealing yarn.

Crafting the Dreamy Throw: A Joyful Process

Armed with ten skeins of Hookaholic Handspun yarn, I delved into the crafting process. Using a large plastic hook (size S), I aimed for an open weave appearance, akin to the coveted throw. Experimenting with hook size and stitches, I settled on a pattern that incorporated only two stitches – a single crochet and a skipping technique to create a woven-like texture.

The Pattern: A Simple Yet Effective Guide

To make the crafting process accessible to all, I documented the pattern in plain English, avoiding complex terminology. The use of a single crochet stitch kept the throw lightweight, and skipping every other stitch enhanced the woven appearance. The result was a dreamy throw that closely mirrored the overpriced luxury version.

The Warmth of Thick and Thin: A Surprising Delight

Working with thick and thin yarn proved not only enjoyable but also resulted in a pleasantly surprising outcome. The unusual look, coupled with the variability introduced by hook size and stitch choice, made each throw a unique masterpiece. The warmth and comfort of the finished product, coupled with its quick workup, made it a favorite afternoon project.

Crafting Your Own Textured Masterpiece

To embark on your journey of crafting a dreamy throw, gather at least 10 skeins of your chosen thick and thin yarn. When selecting yarn, don’t hesitate to consult the seller for advice on the quantity needed for your project. Remember that crochet typically requires more yarn than knitting but offers a faster crafting method.

Joining and Finishing Touches

For joining sections, match the tails at their thinnest points, creating overhand knots and incorporating the tails into the stitches. This technique ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result. The juxtaposition of thick and thin sections adds a delightful touch to the finished product.

A Chunky Blanket Adventure

If the allure of thick and thin yarn has captured your crafting spirit, consider diving into the world of chunky blankets. Crafted with affordability in mind, my pattern for a chunky crochet blanket utilizes locally sourced materials, making it an accessible beginner project.

Materials for a Chunky Blanket:

  • 10 skeins of Big Twist Natural Blend yarn (2 skeins of each color, classified as “super bulky 6“)
  • 1 yarn needle
  • 1 size US 50 (25.00mm) crochet hook

Crafting the Affordable Chunky Blanket

Explore the world of chunky crochet with this beginner-friendly project. The locally available Big Twist Natural Blend yarn, paired with a US 50 crochet hook, results in an awesomely chunky blanket. The simplicity of the pattern makes it an ideal starting point for those new to the craft.

In the end, whether venturing into the dreamy realm of textured throws or diving into the warmth of a chunky blanket, the art of crafting with thick and thin yarn adds a touch of magic to your creations.

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