How to Fix a Dropped Stitch in Knitting

Knitting is a delightful craft, but when a stitch drops, it can feel like disaster strikes. Fear not! Whether it’s a knit or purl stitch, and regardless of how many rows below it has fallen, you can rescue your knitting with a few simple steps. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process, ensuring you can confidently fix a dropped stitch without unraveling your entire project.

Introduction: The Beauty of Knitting Fixes

Knitting involves no knots, allowing you to rework sections repeatedly. Armed with a crochet hook and a minute or two, you can mend a dropped stitch and continue your project seamlessly. This tutorial explores three options for fixing dropped stitches, using a repair hook, “tinking” or unknitting, and the brave technique of frogging.

Option 1: Using a Repair Hook

  1. Identify the Dropped Stitch: Place a locking stitch marker on the dropped stitch to secure it. If in the middle of a row, complete the row first.
  2. Insert the Hook: Use a repair hook or a slightly smaller crochet hook. Insert it into the dropped loop.
  3. Grab the Ladders: Pull the dropped stitch through the horizontal bars (ladders) above it, ensuring no twists.
  4. Check and Continue: Confirm that the fixed stitch aligns with your pattern. Continue knitting with confidence.

Option 2: Tink or Unknit

  1. Tink Backwards: Tink, or unknit, each stitch until reaching the dropped stitch.
  2. Pick up the Stitch: Once at the dropped stitch, use the knitting needle to pick it up. Mark the starting point on your pattern.

Option 3: Frogging

  1. Embrace the “Rib-it Rib-it” Sound: Unravel stitches until reaching the mistake. Ideal if close to the error or if starting fresh is acceptable.
  2. Note the Stitch: Record the stitch on your pattern as stitches will be lost during frogging.

Fixing Dropped Stitches after Casting Off

  1. Secure with a Marker: Even after casting off, if you discover a dropped stitch, secure it with a locking stitch marker.
  2. Use the Repair Hook: Insert the hook into the dropped stitch, pick it up, and pull it through the ladders.
  3. Weave in Spare Yarn: Secure the final loop with spare yarn, weaving in the ends neatly.
  4. Smooth and Block: Smooth the area and consider wet blocking for impeccable results.

Handling Dropped Stitches in Finished Projects

  1. Locate and Secure: Spot the dropped stitch and secure it immediately to prevent further unraveling.
  2. Thread Back Up: Identify the ladders above the dropped stitch, threading it back up each one.
  3. Place on Needle: Once threaded, place the saved stitch back onto the left needle.
  4. Resume Knitting: Continue knitting with the rescued stitch in its place.

Remember, dropping a stitch in knitting doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. With these techniques, you can confidently fix dropped stitches, ensuring your knitting journey remains enjoyable and stress-free.

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