Inline vs Tapered Crochet Hooks: Which One To Choose!

There appear to be an infinite number of options when it comes to choosing the ideal crochet hook. Not only may one select from a variety of plastic, wooden, and metal hooks, but each type of hook can also have a distinct form, such as inline vs tapered crochet hooks. This post is for you if you’re a bit puzzled about what that implies.

The construction and usefulness of inline and tapered hooks vary, and being aware of these minor variations may help you select the perfect hook for your crocheting endeavors. I’ll be talking especially about the inline vs. tapered crochet hook form in this post.

Inline Crochet Hooks

The shaft and head of an inline hook, often referred to as an inline hook, line up straight. These hooks have a similar shape from the tip to the handle because they keep the same diameter along the shaft. They are frequently linked to companies like Boye Crochet Hooks and Susan Bates. The flatter neck and sharper point of inline hooks are characteristics that can be useful for specific crochet styles.

Inline hooks are usually used by crocheters who want to crochet faster. It is important to note, nevertheless, that using inline crochet hooks may necessitate a slight modification to your crocheting technique, particularly if you are accustomed to using tapered hooks. Some crocheters discover that in order to adapt the distinctive design, they must adjust the posture and grip of their hands.

Advantages of Inline Hooks

The following are the advantages of inline hooks:

Hooking Efficiency

The yarn moves smoothly and consistently with inline hooks because of the shaft and head’s straight alignment. This feature can help crocheters crochet more quickly, especially if they choose a more exact and controlled stitching technique.

Stitch Consistency

When working with tighter tension and tight stitches, the sharper point of an inline hook helps to achieve consistent stitches. Additionally, the flat neck lessens the chance of yarn accidentally coming off the hook.

Ideal for Slip-Stitch Crochet

Because they allow you to work several stitches in a single loop and provide you with fine control over your threads, inline hooks are a popular choice among slip-stitch crocheters.

Tapered Crochet Hooks

In contrast, the shaft of tapered hooks gradually narrows from the handle to the point. Brands like Tulip and Clover Amour crochet hooks are linked to the tapered crochet hook. The pleasant sewing experience and ergonomic design of tapered hooks are well known. The adaptability of tapered crochet hooks is a minor benefit.

Their tapered design gives you more control over the stitch size, which makes them perfect for dealing with challenging yarns and diverse yarn weights in more elaborate patterns.

Additionally, the rounded neck aids in maintaining constant tension and lessens the chance of yarn accidentally coming off the hook. If gauges are a crucial component of your project, they are an excellent option to utilize.

Conversely, tapered hooks may take more work for certain crocheters to get the hook into the stitches. The yarn may occasionally catch or snag due to the tapering design, particularly if the tension is very tight.

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Advantages of Tapered Hooks

The following are the advantages of tapered hooks:

Comfortable Grip

Ergonomics informed the design of tapered hooks, which provide a more comfortable grasp and lessen hand and finger strain during prolonged crocheting sessions. The handle’s larger width improves stability and control.

Smooth Yarn Flow

Because of the tapered shape, the yarn slides more easily along the shaft, making sewing go more quickly and smoothly. This capability comes in very handy when handling rougher or heavier yarns.


Hooks with tapered ends are adaptable and work well with a range of crocheting styles. They are excellent for working into stitches and establishing steady tension because of their gently rounded tips.

Choosing the Right Hook for Your Project

There are advantages and disadvantages to both kinds of hooks. Perhaps you’re thinking about what the best hook is. Which should I pick, tapered or inline? Ultimately, the choice between tapered and inline crochet hooks depends on your project’s needs and personal preferences. When making your decision, you might want to take the following things into account:

  • Stitch Style
  • Yarn Type and Weight
  • Hand Comfort
  • Project Requirements

Different Types of Crochet Hooks

Selecting the proper kind of crochet hook will improve your crocheting significantly and help your crafts turn out well. Here are some various hook designs and materials to think about:

  • Aluminum Hooks
  • Metal Hooks
  • Ergonomic Hooks
  • Bamboo or Wood Hooks
  • Tunisian Crochet Hooks or Afghan Hooks
  • Interchangeable Hooks
  • Plastic Crochet Hooks
  • Early Forms of Crochet


Inline and tapered crochet hooks differ in their design and functionality, and knowing these subtle differences can help you choose the best hook to have the best crocheting experience possible. the differences between inline and tapered crochet hooks, their unique characteristics, and considerations to help you choose the ideal hook for your crochet projects. Crochet hooks are essential tools for every crocheter, and selecting the right type can greatly impact your crocheting experience.

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