Why Is My Crochet Blanket Curving?

If you’ve ever embarked on the journey of crafting a crochet blanket, you know it’s a labor of love, requiring time and precision. However, when you notice your masterpiece starting to curve, it can be disheartening. Fear not! In this article, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind why your crochet blanket might be veering off course and provide you with effective solutions.

What Causes of Crochet Blanket Curving?

Tension Troubles

Tension is often the prime suspect when it comes to curving blankets. If your initial row is cinched too tightly, it can set your entire project on a curved course. As you progress, your blanket might resemble a rainbow more than a rectangle.

To remedy this, consider using a larger hook size for your foundation row, then return to the recommended size. Additionally, ensure consistent tension for each row to avoid a wavy or curvy outcome.

Stitches in Disarray

Accidentally adding or omitting a stitch can lead to a blanket with an irregular shape. Consistently using the wrong number of stitches in rows can result in a triangular, wavy, or distorted final product.

To maintain order, jot down the pattern and check off each row as you go. Digital counters are also handy tools for stitch tracking.

First and Last Stitch Placement

Consistency in placing the first and last stitches is crucial. This issue is more prevalent among beginners or with intricate designs. Regardless of skill level, ensure uniformity in these crucial stitches.

Stitch markers are invaluable for marking row beginnings and endings, and they can also help tally the stitches.

Unsettled Hooks and Yarns

Using the same hook throughout your project is vital for uniform stitches. Not all hooks of the same size are created equal due to manufacturer design nuances. This discrepancy can lead to inconsistent stitches.

Keep a record of the hook and size used at the project’s onset, and stick with it. Similarly, changing yarns with different weights may require an adjustment in hook size to maintain stitch size consistency.

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Rectifying the Curve: Methods to Straighten Your Blanket

Following are the methods to straighten your crochet blanket.

Frogging Your Work

While a bit time-consuming, “frogging” involves unraveling your work until you reach the last correct stitch. Exercise caution and assess the severity of the curving before resorting to this method. Minor issues can often be rectified at the project’s end.

Block Your Blanket

Blocking entails stretching your blanket to the desired shape. For a curved blanket, a light misting of water may suffice. Alternatively, steam or heat can be used judiciously.

Ensure your blanket is pinned on a towel and let it air dry. This step is crucial for achieving the desired shape that you want.

Add a Border

For slight curves or projects nearing completion, adding extra rows to the shorter side can restore balance. Select a contrasting color of the same yarn and use the same hook for consistency.

Combatting Curling Edges

Struggling with curling edges, Learn to regulate your tension for perfectly smooth finishes in your crochet projects.

Tightness in Crochet Stitches

Achieving the right tension is paramount. Too tight, and your projects may be too small or prone to curling. Too loose, and they risk looking untidy and falling apart.

Invest in tools like yarn holders or tension rings to assist in regulating tension and protecting your fingers from yarn burn.

Proper Grip for Crochet Hooks

A correct grip minimizes tension-related issues and discomfort during prolonged crocheting sessions.

Pencil Grip

Hold your hook by the flat portion with your thumb and index finger, facing you. Rest the hook on your finger in a loose fist, akin to holding a pencil. This method allows for greater comfort during extended crochet sessions.


Understanding why your crochet blanket might be curving is the first step toward rectifying the issue. By paying attention to tension, gauge, stitch count, and yarn choice, and employing specific techniques, you can achieve a beautifully flat crochet masterpiece.

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