How to Hold Yarn When Knitting

Knitting is a beloved craft with a rich history. It’s a great way to pass the time and create something beautiful. Before you can begin knitting, you will need to learn how to properly hold your yarn. This is an important step since it affects the tension of your stitches and the overall look of your project. Here are some tips for how to hold yarn when knitting.

Yarn Over Finger Method

A popular method for holding the yarn is called the yarn-over-finger method. To use this technique, wrap the string around your index finger while keeping it taut enough that it doesn’t slip off. Then, hold the needle in your right hand and thread the end of the yarn through it using your left hand. This technique allows you to maintain consistent tension throughout each stitch and creates even stitches that all look the same size.

English Method

If you’re more comfortable with English-style knitting also known as throwing, then this technique may be better suited for you. Start by wrapping the yarn around your middle finger and using your thumb and index finger to control its tension as you knit. You may also find that using a different finger on each side of the needle helps keep everything in place.

This method is also helpful if you need to adjust or fix any mistakes while knitting because it gives you more control over each stitch.

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Continental Method

This method is similar to English-style knitting but uses less motion overall, which makes it faster than other techniques. To practice continental-style knitting, wrap the yarn around your left index finger while keeping it tight enough not to slip off. Then, move both hands in unison as if they were connected. Your right hand moves forward while simultaneously pushing down on the needle with your left hand to create each stitch quickly and efficiently.


Regardless of which technique you choose, practice makes perfect! Don’t be discouraged if at first things don’t go smoothly. It takes time for beginners to master these methods, so keep trying until you find one that works best for you! With patience and persistence, soon enough, you will have perfected how to hold yarn when knitting.

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