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How To Knitting Loom Hat

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to knit, but don’t have the skills or patience to do it with needles, learning how to make a hat with a knitting loom is an excellent way to get started. Knitting looms make it easy for anyone regardless of their skill level to create beautiful hats and accessories in no time. In this blog post, we will discuss the basic steps for how to knitting loom hat.

Choose Your Loom

The first step in making a hat with a knitting loom is choosing the right loom for the job. You can find different sizes of looms depending on what size hat you are looking to make. For adult hats, you typically want to use looms that range from 6-9 inches in diameter or circumference depending on the type of loom. If you are making a child’s hat, then look for smaller looms between 4-6 inches in diameter or circumference.

Once you have chosen your loom, place it on a flat surface and gather all the necessary supplies yarn, hook tool, and scissors that you need to complete your project.

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Gathering Yarn and weaving Base of Hat

Now that your supplies are gathered and your loom is ready to go, it’s time to begin weaving. Start by gathering one skein of yarn and wrapping it around each peg of the loom in an alternating pattern e.g. left peg over/right peg under until all of the pegs have been wrapped twice. This will be the base of your hat that everything else will be built.


Next, using your hook tool or another suitable device, lift every second loop up and over its neighbor so that there is only one loop remaining on each peg. This is called “E-wrapping” and helps create more tension when knitting on the loom which makes for nicer results when finished.

Begin looping your yarn over each peg in an alternating pattern again until all pegs have two loops each just like before. Repeat this step until you reach the desired length of a hat or until there is no more yarn left on the skein/ball whichever comes first.

Keep repeating these steps until either the desired length or end of the ball has been reached once again. Then begin decreasing by removing loops from every other peg as before until only one loop remains on each peg, cut the yarn leaving about 8 inches extra for weaving ends together at the end, and Tie off the remaining loops using the included hook tool.

Another suitable device

Weave any extra pieces together remove from the loom, fold the bottom edge up towards the top side, stitch sides together using needle & thread if needed, shape the brim using steam iron if necessary, add embellishments if desired, and wear proudly.


Making a hat with a knitting loom isn’t difficult at all, even if you’ve never knitted before. With just some basic supplies and know-how, anyone can make stylish hats that show off their craftsmanship and creativity and they don’t take long at all. So, try out this tutorial today and start showing off your handiwork tomorrow.

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