What is Another Type of Knitting?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? Knitting is a great hobby for people of all ages and skill levels. It’s a wonderful way to relax and create something unique, whether it’s a cozy sweater or a bright scarf. But did you know there is actually another type of knitting? Let’s explore the ins and outs of this crafty pastime.

Types Of Knitting

Knitting is a versatile craft that can be done in many different ways, each with its own unique characteristics. let’s talk about some of the most main types of knitting including hand knitting, machine knitting, loom knitting, English knitting, continental knitting, and combination knitting.

Hand knitting

This is done with two needles and yarn. It is the most traditional form of knitting, and it allows for a great deal of creativity and flexibility. This is the most popular method for making sweaters, scarves, blankets, and other items.

Machine knitting

Machine knitting is done with a knitting machine, which can create a wide range of fabrics quickly and efficiently. This method is often used for larger projects and for creating items such as sweaters, blankets, and other household items.

Loom knitting

This is done with a loom and yarn. This method is also efficient and quick, but it is mainly used for making scarves, hats, and other small items. Loom knitting is a great option for beginners or for those who have difficulty using knitting needles.

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English Knitting

One type of knitting is called “English knitting.” This type of knitting is also referred to as “throwing.” With English knitting, the yarn is held in the right hand, and the knitter wraps it around his or her index finger. The yarn then moves between two needles, creating a stitch. This method can be faster than other types of knitting because only one needle needs to be moved with each stitch.

Continental Knitting

Another type of knitting is called “Continental knitting.” This type of knitting has the yarn held in the left hand, and instead of wrapping it around your finger, it rests on top of your fingers. The idea behind this method is that since you don’t need to move your hand back and forth as much as you would with English knitting since your left-hand holds the yarn, this method can be faster. It also helps keep tension more even on both sides due to using only one hand for both stitches and yarn control.

Combination Knitting

Finally, there is “Combination Knitting.” Combination knitting combines elements from both English and Continental styles into one unique style. Many knitters who use combination style find that they enjoy the best aspects of each type they can work quickly while still keeping an even tension throughout their work.

In addition to these main types, there are also a variety of specialized techniques such as intarsia, fair isle, and cable knitting, each of which adds unique textures and patterns to your knitting projects.

Overall, the different types of knitting provide a range of options and opportunities for knitters of all skill levels to create beautiful and unique pieces, whether it’s a cozy sweater, a warm blanket, or a stylish accessory.

What are two examples of knitting?

Knitting is a craft technique that involves using needles and yarn to create fabric by interlocking loops of yarn. There are countless examples of knitting, from basic scarves and hats to complex sweaters and lace shawls. Here are two examples of knitting:

  1. A simple garter stitch scarf: The garter stitch is a basic knitting stitch pattern that creates a bumpy, textured fabric. To knit a garter stitch scarf, you would cast on a certain number of stitches, and then knit every row until the scarf is the desired length. The result is a warm and cozy scarf that is perfect for beginners.
  2. A fair isle sweater: Fair Isle knitting is a technique that involves knitting with two or more colors of yarn in a single row to create a pattern. To knit a fair isle sweater, you would need to carefully follow a pattern that specifies which colors to use and when to use them. This technique can create intricate designs and beautiful colorwork in the finished garment. Fair Isle knitting requires a bit more skill and practice than basic knitting, but it can be very rewarding to see the finished product.


Knitting is an amazing craft that allows us to express ourselves through our creations. Whether you choose English, Continental, or combination style, with dedication and practice you can become a master knitter in no time at all, So what are you waiting for? Grab some yarn and needles today and get started.

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