How To Do An Increase In Crochet

In the world of crochet, the art of increasing stitches is essential for shaping and expanding your fabric. Whether you’re working with single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, or longer stitches, the process remains consistent. This guide will primarily focus on the fundamental technique of making a single crochet increase, a versatile skill applicable across various crochet projects.

Understanding Crochet Increases:

To widen a basic crochet fabric, especially when transitioning from a row of 10 stitches to 11, you employ a crochet increase. Unlike specific abbreviations, patterns commonly instruct to “2 sc in the next sc,” indicating the addition of two single crochet stitches in the next one, thereby increasing the stitch count.

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How to Increase in Single Crochet:

  1. Insert the hook under both loops of the indicated stitch.
  2. Make a single crochet: Yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, and pull through two loops.
  3. Insert the hook under both loops of the same stitch.
  4. Make a second single crochet using the same process.

Placement of Single Crochet Increases:

Increases can be strategically placed at the beginning, end, or middle of a row. Their placement affects the fabric’s slant: right-edge increases cause a rightward slant, while left-edge increases induce a leftward slant.

Abbreviations for Single Crochet Increases:

  • inc” or “increase” in the next stitch denotes working 2 stitches in that stitch.
  • 2 sc in next st” conveys the same instruction: make 2 single crochet stitches into the same stitch.
  • sc2 in the next st” is another variation, representing a single crochet increase.

Invisible Single Crochet Increase:

For a subtler increase, consider the invisible single crochet increase:

  1. Work a single crochet into the back loop of the indicated stitch.
  2. Work a single crochet into both loops of the same stitch.

This technique minimizes the visibility of the increase, making it ideal for projects like amigurumi.

Other Crochet Increases:

Beyond single crochet, the method of increasing remains consistent for half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet stitches: work two stitches into the same stitch.


Mastering the art of crochet increases opens up a world of possibilities in creating beautifully shaped and customized projects. Whether you follow traditional or invisible techniques, understanding the fundamentals ensures success in your crochet endeavors.

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